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Unleash Your Creative Genius!

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Announcing Painting Your Heart's online multi-module course. Check back soon for dates and enrollment details!


Hi, I'm Christine!

I created Painting Your Heart workshops for people to experience the fun, playful process of making art together.

Here are some questions to ponder…

• What’s keeping you up at night?
• What keeps replaying over and over in your brain?
• What are you holding onto that’s keeping you stuck?
• What’s pulling at your heartstrings demanding attention?

Exploring creatively, with an open mind and a curious heart, can expand the imaginary boundaries you place around yourself. When you wander, dream, and play, you discover new things about you. It’s the free flow of inward and outward, expressing and releasing, using color as your language. It’s therapeutic, cathartic, and tremendously healing.

Did you know all humans were born with a creative gene? When’s the last time you tapped into yours?

Painting Your Heart Workshops – they’re fun, relaxing, and a remedy for our times!

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The Inspiration for Painting your Heart Workshops


Who takes our workshops?


Excited to tell their powerful stories in vibrant color!

Exploring creativity freely, inspires curiosity and nurtures imagination without boundaries. Given the chance, they will share endlessly as they are energized and validated by being seen and heard!

Corporate Teams

Ready for a harmonious life at work and at home!

Engage, empower and energize your team through creative play. Foster trust and empathy in a redesigned workplace, and build a happier, more productive, culture of connection!

Survivors / Patients

Envisioning the journey to a healthy body and mind!

The cancer community’s mental and emotional wellbeing improves tremendously when they bond and create together. Being open and vulnerable uplifts and empowers this impassioned tribe. Each painting is an opportunity to recreate the story of their lives!

Aging Population

Eager to feel reconnected in their communities!

Elders can release pent up feelings of loneliness, isolation, and grief when making art together. Bonding in an intimate, relaxed environment allows their imagination and creativity to flourish in the hands of a paint brush!

Personalized Group Workshops

Creative events for groups, clubs, and milestone celebrations!

Create a Remarkable and Memorable Party Experience! Take the boring and mundane out of your monthly meetings or put a unique spin on family gatherings. Host a themed Painting Your Heart Art Party to CELEBRATE, HONOR and THANK all the wonderful people in your world!


What They're Saying

A sense of wonder and joy…

I would highly endorse Christine and Painting Your Heart Workshops. Beyond teaching art, Christine taught tolerance, appreciation for art, teamwork and created a sense of wonder and joy in celebrating one’s individual and group achievements in art. Thank you so much!

Tammy Wilson
CEO, Oak Grove Center

I feel much better!

I feel much better after taking this workshop. I’m more self-aware from allowing myself to explore through creativity. A two-week course on EQ wouldn’t have gotten me here!

Alicia Maciel
Founder, BeingWell.Life

Allowed my true emotions to surface…

I experienced Christine’s “Painting Your Heart” program as a participant and as the nonprofit leader of Cancer Kinship. Christine’s methods allowed my true emotions regarding my own cancer diagnosis, to surface and I was able to express my feelings in a different way and without judgment. I was eager to partner with Christine because she truly cares about our participants, and I saw first-hand, how empowered they felt after going through her program.

Yoli Origel
Founder, Cancer Kinship

A fun, wonderful experience…

Christine’s Painting Your Heart Workshop helps release emotions that can be both trapped and or tangled within our human experience. The painting process can bring you closer to your feelings in a group setting which can make you laugh, cry, be thought-provoking or bring a sense of calm. It’s fun, a wonderful experience wanting more.

Joanna Giangardella
Holistic Cancer Health Coach

A great, corporate activity to boost morale…

I’ve been wanting to do a group activity to increase team morale. When I heard about Painting Your Heart, I thought it would fit my need. I surprised my staff with a Saturday morning painting workshop and everyone was engaged and had fun. If you are looking for a great, corporate group activity to boost morale, I highly recommend a Painting Your Heart Workshop.

Mike Lee
President, Aim Mail Center

Explore Our Workshops

Here’s a sample of topics you can explore in a Painting Your Heart workshop.

Who Are You Now?

Explore the pre-pandemic YOU and the post-pandemic YOU! What’s different?

The Color of Emotions

Discover the powerful impact color has on how you feel in the moment.


The inner YOU impacts the outer YOU. Get clarity and get going!

Color and Words

Colors reveal and words express…a perfect creative marriage!

Creative Recess Hour

Explore relevant themes and how you define them using color as inspiration!

Painting Poetry

Inspired by the poetic words of Mark Nepo, and Drinking from the River of Light.

Mindfulness Art

Wander, visualize and create the essence of YOU – body, mind and spirit!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about our workshops!

Do I need art experience to take a workshop?

No, you do not need prior experience!  You will be guided through an abstract creative process for each exercise and how to best use your creative tools. You can bring an open mind and a curious heart, though!

Where are the workshops held?

All workshops are held in studios, conference rooms, classrooms, community rooms or private homes, indoors or outdoors. Painting surfaces are thoroughly protected with plastic coverings no matter where we paint!

How long are the workshops and what is the minimum/maximum number of participants?

Workshops range from one hour to two hours+, depending on number of participants and time of day. Workshops are normally held during the lunch hour, late afternoon, or on weekends. Pricing is based on a minimum of eight participants. Up to fifteen participants can take a workshop. Final workshop prices are determined by the number of participants, medium requested, and frequency. Weekly and monthly packages are available.

Do you offer workshops using other mediums?

Yes, oil pastels and creative collage, however, the most requested medium is acrylic paint! I’m open to other suggestions, just ask! Paint Kits included for all in-person workshops.

Do you do House Parties?

Yes, indeed! Private Art Parties are FUN and a unique way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, women’s groups, wedding parties, and the Holidays, of course. Custom themes and special requests are always welcome!

Are your workshops different from Paint & Sip Parties?

Yes, PYH is a therapeutic, immersive creative experience where everyone interprets the exercise in their own way. Paint & Sip events are designed to be fun, Happy Hour social activities.

What other kinds of workshops are available?

I offer virtual group workshops if circumstances do not allow us to meet in person. New Custom One 2 One in-person workshops are available for those who are housebound. Let’s chat about your needs!

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Prior painting experience is not required, a curious, open heart is! Get in touch with us for a free 30 minute consultation on how we can work together.

What’s your story when you’re not creating? Let Christine tell it in a Picture Show!